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The Art Works

Nervi Structures                           
Striking in appearance and structural design, the architectural ceilings in the Theatre Royal, the Tower Lobby, the King Street retail entrance cantilever and CTA Club structure were all designed by Professor Pier Luigi Nervi.
The Piazza
Reminiscent of a European town, the piazza and outdoor surrounds are all paved with porfido, imported from Italy. Formed by volcanic action thousands of years ago, this granite type stone was laid with skill and care, each one individually selected. 
Major Art Works

"S" Charles Perry 
Located on the top level of the Piazza, the bright yellow "S" sculpture
consists of four conic elements and can
be twisted into thirty different shapes.     

"New Constellation" by Robert Owen1,
2004-2007. Consisting of three painted
ultramarine blue steel structures on the
Martin Place side of the lobby.

"Spring - Double Weave #2" by Robert Owen1,
2006-2007. Synthetic polymer paint on six
panels on the King and Castlereagh Street
entry in the Tower Lobby.

Robert Owen has been an exhibiting artist for over forty years. His art practice during this time has been characterised by the use of diverse materials and approaches that are linked through a poetic sensitivity to the expressive potential of materials, light and colour, and through an almost scientific interest in geometric form and grid variations in both sculpture and painting.

Robert Owen studied sculpture at the National Art School under Lyndon Dadswell and graduated in 1962. After spending time in the Greek Islands and in London in the 1960s he returned to Australia in 1975. In 1978 he represented Australia at the Venice Biennale. He exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions through the 1980s and 1990s. During this time he has also undertaken many public sculptural commissions, including most recently the Webb Bridge project with architects Denton Corker Marshall for the Melbourne Docklands. In 2002 he received an Australia Council Emeritus Award for life-long service to the arts.